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Solar Panels
May 5th, 2015 7:42 AM

Remember bag phones and 9 ft satellite dishes?

For those considering solar panels please watch this video. I would also like to say, though you may say you will not be moving life's circumstances often change and force relocation.…/

1. A $30,000 lien on your property may not permit you to refinance as rates become favorable.
2. A $30,000 lien on your property may make your home unmarketable at the required price level to retire all liens.

3. There is considerable market resistance to a home marred by solar panels.
4. Despite wild industry claims of dramatic increases in property values it often cannot be quantified in local markets.
5. The policies of your electric utility provider change over time and as many longer term solar panel owners will tell you; it is not as good as it once was. 
6. Hazard to firefighters.(believed to have led to the complete destruction of the Dietz and Watson warehouse)
 I am excited about photovoltaic integrated construction (energy generating siding, windows and roofing) and see that as the future.

 I am not against solar energy generation but although simplistic, it is often true " that the second mouse gets the cheese".

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